Temple Family Farm

Custom orders

Our prices are figured based on hanging weight of the animal. Meat will be vacuum sealed. Delivery to our market nearest you is included as well (or we will arrange another meeting place if you are not near a market).

Please contact us directly at a market, by email, or giving us a call or text at  724-301-2339

Email: contactus@templefamilyfarm.com

  Organic Half or Whole Pig:    $2.95 lb. PLUS processing (About 110-140 lbs hanging wt. for half)    *Approximately $450-$550  *Pigs available year round as ready 

Grass Fed Beef 1/4 or half:    $4.95 lb. INCLUDING processing  (About 150 lbs. hanging for quarter)  *Approximately $742.50

        Beef will be available in the fall only and when unavailable you can be on a waiting list if you are interested (viea email, phone or in person)

Custom Order Whole Lamb:   $8.95 lb.  INCLUDING processing (About 40 lbs. hanging)   *Grass fed / organic   *Approximately $359

***You will get back about 70% of hanging weight in meat after processing for pig or beef Approx. 25 lbs. meat back on a lamb


***We will go over your cut choices and take a small deposit.  It usually takes several weeks to get the meat back and we can give an estimate at the time of ordering.  For anyone who has never custom ordered, it is a great way to save some money, go right to your freezer when planning dinner, and the cuts keep perfectly in a vacuum seal.  















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