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Sewickley Winter Market this coming Sat. 16th!

Posted 1/11/2016 4:52pm by Shawn & Wendy Temple.

Hi!  Just a reminder that our January Winter Market is coming up this Saturday 16th, from 9:30 to noon.    We will be outside in our usual area in the St. James parking lot.

As usual, pre-orders are welcome but we will also bring pork, lamb & a small amount of grass-fed beef with us for purchase.  We will have totals figured on any pre-orders ahead of time so you can limit your time with us in the chilly weather!

Thank You!  Wendy & Shawn Temple/Temple Family Farm Email, Phone 724 301-2339 or Text 330 429-0567

The following is our product list for anyone who doesn't have our list handy:

Grass-fed beef:  (we have a small amount each year from selling quarters in fall)

 Ground 1 lb. pkgs  $8     Stew Cubes  $8 lb.    Chuck Roast   $8 lb. (3 lbs.)       Bnl Sirloin (2)  $13 lb.    Strip Steak (2) $17 lb.   Bnl Ribeye (4) $18 lb.London Broil   $9 lb.          Fillet (4)    $24 lb.    Bone-in Ribeye (5) $13 lb.
Liver  $5 lb.


Reg. or Fresh Bacon $10 lb.  Cottage Bacon $11 lb.   Canadian Bacon $12 lb.Bone-in chops  $8 lb.           Bnl chops  $10 lb.         Smoked chops $10 lb.
Half ham   $6 lb.    Smoked or Fresh Ham Slice $7 lb.  Bnl Bkf Ham Slice $8 lb.
St. Louis Ribs $7 lb.            Bnl Country Ribs $7 lb.    Baby Back Ribs $10 lb.      Bone-in Shoulder Rst. $7 lb.  Bnl Shoulder Rst. $8 lb.   Loin Roast $9 lb.             Tenderloin $15 lb.                Pork Cubes $7 lb.          Smoked Ham Shank $5 lb. Hamloaf Mix $9 lb.                Kielbasa  $10 lb.           Hot Dogs  $9 lb.              Pork Sticks  $6 1/2 lb.     Leaf Lard (unrendered) $3 lb. Ground Pork $7 lb.

Rope Sausage $8 lb. (pork)   Jalapeno, Cajun, Andouille, Hot Italian, Chorizo,     Sweet Italian,  Pepper & Onion,  Garlic,  Bourbon,  Bangers                              Bulk Sausage $7 lb. (pork)   Hot Italian,  Sweet Italian,  Breakfast,  Garlic          Breakfast Links $8 lb. (pork)  Regular (salt & pepper),  Blueberry Maple,             Raspberry Maple,  Apple


Shank $10 lb.     Cubes  $16 lb.       Bone-in Leg Roast $14 lb.Ground  $12 lb.   Loin Chops $24 lb.  Bnl Leg Roast (half or whole)$16 lb.           Bnl Loin Roast $24 lb.


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