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Sewickley Farm Market update

Posted 4/1/2020 10:20pm by Shawn & Wendy Temple.

Hello everyone!  We just wanted to let you know, the church has decided to cancel anything in or outside the church property for the month of April (for obvious reasons), which includes the market or order drop offs.  The current state of the world has probably affected people in many different ways and we hope you are all well and minimally stressed!

If anyone is interested in placing an order for this coming weekend, we are happy to make an alternative arrangement.  We do understand some of you may not want to go out under the current circumstances but would like to offer this for those who have asked about ordering.  As always, email, text or call (724-301-2339).  Thank you!

We are currently out of pork tenderloin, loin roast, baby back ribs, and boneless pork chops.   The following is a list of what we currently have:    (Additional note: please note pork chops come in packs of 2 if you could note how many packages)


BREAKFAST SAUSAGE LINKS: regular, blueberry maple, raspberry maple, apple; ROPE SAUSAGE: cheddar, banger, garlic, sweet italian, sicilian w/lemon & orange, mango chipotle, hot italian, chorizo, jalapeno, andouille; BULK SAUSAGE: ground pork, chorizo, hot italian, sweet italian, garlic, breakfast; OTHER:  hot dogs, kielbasa, prepared hamloaf, hamloaf mix; CUTS: bone-in pork chops, boneless shoulder roast, bone-in shoulder steaks, fresh bacon, st. louis & regular spare ribs, boneless country ribs, pork cubes, fresh shank, leaf lard; SMOKED: regular bacon, cottage bacon, canadian bacon, smoked pork chops, ham steak, ham slice (small), smoked shank, half ham (note size range please)


ground, shank, boneless loin roast, bone-in leg (half or whole), boneless leg (half or whole), ribs, cubes, shoulder steak, loin chops


ground, bone-in ribeye, boneless ribeye, boneless sirloin, strip steak, tenderloin (fillet), flank, brisket, inside round roast, rump roast, eye of round roast, sirloin tip roast, tongue, heart


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